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DJ ARod.


DJ ARod [real name Antonio Rodriguez] is a DJ Hero player and skillfully challenged. Although his still is in the learning stage he has no fear in taking a hard challenge and will not back down from one.Many people say that he has heart and putes in hard work in anything. His resilency of giving up is too strong, he can not be brought down. As he may lose a battle but not be beat down cuz of it. Even though he seems to care for his hard work in things, Right next to loving to dedicate all he gots in anything he does like and wants to love a girl. One in mind for the ARod and as he builds confidence and will try to ask in dating it is yet maybe a something that will finally down the determined one. As hard as anyone can believe they want him to succesfully ask her in dating and not be turned down as many things has hit ARod hard and he has still taken the beating.Yet poor Antonio may be crushed if rejected as this maybe the final hard blow he could take and will bring DJ ARod finally down. But as we wait he is going strong on his resilency and is still DJ ARod.