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Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" mixed with Tiesto's "Elements of Life,"

This is the final mix the player encounters in DJ Hero, and is considered one of the hardest because of the barrage of notes it throws at the player.

The song starts slow, with minimal difficulty, but quickly gets harder, as more and more notes are thrown at the player.  Scratching is almost completely absent in this mix, only appearing five times.  This mix is infamous for a section that contains several notes that come bunched into small, "packs," which spell out, 'DJ HERO."  This section is often considered impossible by players, mainly because of the sheer amount of notes, and the speed at which the player has to hit them.

As if that wearn't enough, there is a, "zig-zag," near the end that is also considerd extremely hard to master, especially once the cross-fader kicks in.

The chart (in Party Play) can be found here: thumb|320px|left|Provided by SethSquall