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The Groundhog Beat Juggle by NOISA, mixed by Scrath Perverts is a mix featured in DJ Hero. It is generally considered the hardest mix in the game, due to the fact that it puts every feature in the game (cross-fading, directional scratching, etc.) to an extremely difficult test. The mix also features numerous off-beat portions that only add to the difficulty.

The song is split up into several sections, which themselves are split into two categories: "tests," and "rests."

There are a total of six tests, each one more difficult than the last. In between each test is a rest, which consists mainly of minimal notes and difficulty, allowing the player to prepare for the next test.

The song is almost infamous due to a sarcastic British voice that talks to the player throughout the entire song. He mostly taunts the player, but also sets them up for the increasingly difficult sections of the song.