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Cleetus in Dj Hero

Cleetus Cuts
is one of the fictional DJ playable characters in DJ Hero. His style completely changed in Dj Hero 2 to make Cleetus look more realistic. His name was changed into Dj Cleetus Cutz.

In-Game Biography Edit

Cleetus McGraw used to wrestle ‘gators for a living in the deep South ‘til he met Big Bill, Long Swamp’s gnarliest critter. The legendary tussle ended in double hand transplant misery for McGraw, but lucky for him, his life was about to turn a corner. The op was a success and his new oversized hands gave him a strange sense of purpose. Like a man possessed he followed his fingers into a world of rhythm, learning to spin the ones & twos and strum the six-string like a true natural. Realizing this was his one-way ticket outta Hicksville, Cleetus hit the highway in his 18-wheeler ready to showcase his mammoth-handed talent to the
Cleetus DJ02

Cleetus in Dj Hero 2

rest of America.

Outfits Edit

  • Checkered Funk
  • Darkness
  • Topless
  • Golden Boy
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