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Lakerfan Lakerfan 17 January

Wiki Adoption.

So it turns out that a Wiki caught my attention at that point. Lately, the entire Wiki was completely like a ghost town a few years ago. An admin named Cakedude222 is currently offline about a few years ago. I've decided that I wanted to become an active admin for the wiki in the future.

I made some adoption request about me signing in. But a representative said that I need to make my edits looks good. When I talked to him, he can't accept the request because of plagiarisms like some have copied from Wikipedia. I hope one day I need to make the wiki good if I'm informed for this time.

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POWERStarz2004 POWERStarz2004 21 October 2020


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DJ ARod DJ ARod 27 March 2010

Fantasy Download Content: John Cena Presents

John Cena Presents:

"Basic Thuganomics vs. All Eyes on Me" John Cena vs. 2pac.

" U Can't See Me vs. The Time Is Now " 2pac vs. John Cena & Tha TradeMarc

"If It All Ended Tommorow vs. Paper Planes" John Cena vs. M.I.A

"Chain Gang Is In The Click vs. Justice" John Cena vs. Genesis

The next download content that people want to see is John cena Presents having Cena be put in DJ Hero.Cena's songs would perfectly be mixed as with 2pac, Jay-Z and other mixes with his own songs. John Cena Presents as songs from such as Basic Thuganomics, The Time Is Now, If It All Ended Tommorow, and Chain Gang In The Click would be featured in his setlist. Of Course we have some good mix ideas with John Cena and a cover for if they decide if they would have it.

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